Amidst the pandemic, Ignite Student Life has continuously been able to come up with creative ways to keep Humber students entertained from the comfort of their own homes.

The restrictions put in place due to the global pandemic have led to a limited school experience. This gave Ignite Student Life the incentive to engage with students in a digital way.

Being able to give students the full college experience to the best of their ability during the pandemic, is not an easy task, but it is one the Ignite team is determined to get right.

Manager of Student Engagement, Kori Ploughman discussed how the positive outcome of transitioning large scale events such as Frosh and Frost concerts online encouraged them to work harder to bring students “the quality of events they expect and deserve.”

Third year Guelph-Humber student, Jessica Liquorish expressed her feelings about school events being moved online.

“It was harder to get used to the online schedule and Frosh events don’t feel the same, but I do think it’s good that Humber is still trying to get students to participate. It makes us feel more connected during these times.”

Comparing online events to in-person, Liquorish explained how she enjoys most of the events the school plans but would still prefer experiencing the events in-person.

When asked how the Ignite team stays prepared for dealing with technical issues while hosting online events live, Ploughman highlighted what is important for successful events.

“Being diligent through your planning and pre-event process, mitigating any foreseen risks and having a detailed risk management plan outlined.”

Student engagement is important for these events to be a success and according to Ploughman, “engagement with students for these events is comparable to, and in some cases beyond what we were able to achieve while hosting in-person events.”

Ploughman mentioned that many of their workshops that discuss important themes and topics have always been of high in-person attendance but moving it online was nonetheless a success.

The rest of the winter term will continue through online delivery and Ignite Student Life will continue to use innovative ways to maintain student engagement and interaction. To keep updated on further events visit,