It’s often said by many “if you pursue your passion you won’t be working a single day in your life”, this may be true but for a lot of people pursing your passion for a career choice can be a very daunting task. For those attempting to do so  the stories of Steve Dangle as well as these GH students hopefully will point them in the right direction.

Steve Dangle Profile

A picture of Steve "Dangle" Glynn

The gentleman you see yelling at your screen right now is none other than Steve Dangle quite possibly the most passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fan out there. Although this may be a lofty statement to make, nobody is making a YouTube video after every sing Leafs game and has been doing so for the past 13 NHL seasons.


“At the beginning of the 2007-08 season the front page of the Toronto Sun was about the Leafs’ playoff hopes being dead after their first game of the season. That sent the fan in me off, I recorded a mini-rant and it grew from there,” said Dangle when asked on how his videos started.


Dangle is most famous for his LeafsFanReaction or LFR videos where he reacts to every single Leafs game and uploads it onto YouTube. Dangle’s incredible passion and knowledge for the game of hockey, eccentric takes and hilarious personality have gained him a huge following as he currently has over 113 thousand subscribers just on YouTube.

The best example of Dangle’s unique style can arguably be seen here in his rant after the Leafs 9-2 loss to the Nashville Predators.


Shortly after his YouTube channel took off Dangle decided to create The Steve Dangle podcast. Alongside his good friends Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake they talk about a plethora of topics including the Leafs, everything going on in hockey and a bit of pop culture.

Cover of The Steve Dangle Podcast

“I had always wanted to have a more long-form way to talk about sports,” said Dangle. “Once Adam found a permanent gig in Toronto we decided to it was time to put our dream from high school of hosting a sports show together into action.”


Despite his established YouTube audience and the podcasts early success Dangle never really envisioned where his content could take him.


“I honestly had no idea. I just knew for some reason people seemed to dig some ridiculous fan ranting about the Leafs. I had never played hockey before so working at a sports outlet never seems realistic.”


In late 2011, Dangle got involved with CBC as an associate producer in the digital department writing scripts for highlight packs and voicing them. Sportsnet came calling in September 2014 for a behind-the-scenes role finding interesting stories about hockey, which then evolved into content contributing and content creation.

Steve Dangle at sportsnet

Dangle still works at Sportsnet creating content for their social media and web pages but he says his journey in the sports media industry hasn’t been without setbacks.


“Mostly just getting laid off all the time. You can only have your foot squeezed out of the door so many times before it starts to get sore. I’m glad I kept trying.”


At the same time Dangle says talking about hockey for a living is one of the best jobs anyone can have.


“Its ridiculously fun. As Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston puts it, we work at they toy store. It’s easy to get warmed up and then you realized hockey’s just a game. Let’s all have fun.”


In March 2019 Dangle published his book appropriately called “This Team Is Ruining My Life (But I Love Them): How I Became a Professional Hockey Fan”.

Steve Dangle's Book


It can be best described as a memoir of Dangle’s journey from being a Leafs fan to working in the sports media industry, filled with hilarious personal stories especially about his time working at the Toronto zoo. The book was a bestseller in Canada for several weeks.


In spite of all the success Dangle has experienced he says he can’t really pinpoint one specific moment where he felt as though he had made it.


“I’ve had many ‘wow I’ve made it moments over the years and what I learned is that ‘Made it’ is a phoney idea. You ‘make it’ based on your goals but your goals change. Now I just strive to be happy and make good work.”


When I asked Dangle on what advice he would give to people who want to pursue their passions for a career like he did, Dangle said

“Stop trying to make it with every fibre of your being at every moment of every day. Just do your best, try new things, allows yourself to make mistakes, and you’ll come out stronger than when you went in.”


If Steve Dangle hasn’t convinced you to pursue your passion then maybe these Guelph-Humber students can.

Erica and EB Skin Care

Meet Erica Ramsammy, a fourth year media-studies student at Guelph-Humber who next to her studies runs her own skin care line from her parents home.

Erica Ramsammy

Ramsammy launched EB Skin Care in May of 2017 as a way to pursue her passion of creating beauty products while also saving herself some money. She sells a range of different skin care products including bath bombs, facemasks, and artisan soaps.


Although she says balancing finisher her degree and running her business can be tough, Ramsammy says her love for creating skin care products has kept her from getting discouraged.


The advice she has for others is to go after what they are interested in, as they really have nothing to lose. In her case if she has any products that didn’t sell or weren’t right she just keeps them for herself.

Here’s a link to her EB Skin Care facebook page :


Check out the interview I did with Erica:

Jor-El, Isaac and The Pop Up Shop Podcast

Here are Jor-El Payne and Isaac Thompson two fourth year media-studies students at GH who have created their own podcast called the Pop Up Shop.

Jor-El and Isaac

The Pop Up Shop Podcast was created as a tool for the both of them to discuss their shared love of the hip hop world (and the topics within it) while also showcasing it for everyone to see.

As both Payne and Thompson are media-studies students, the two have access to the many resources of the university including the soundproof rooms on the third floor from where they record their biweekly episodes.


Payne says the podcast started out as a hobby but is now a project both him and Thompson are very proud and passionate about. Although it hasn’t made them famous or anything like that he says they are both open to see where the podcast can take them.

Take a look at the interview I did the Jor-El as he tells us more about their story.

Link to their podcast on SoundCloud:

So take Steve, Erica and Jor-El’s advice find your passion and pursue it just like they did. The main sentiment the three of them echoed to me was that its always better to take a shot towards your goals and find out if you can achieve them, rather than never trying and ending up wondering if they were possible.