The assignment was a broad one: Each student had to design a website on a topic of their choosing- an event, an issue, a sports team, a trend. They would be judged on the editorial quality of the site but also on their ability to use as many multi-media elements as they could. The working world is increasingly looking for young people who can combine news and information-gathering abilities with technical skills like shooting video, and stills, gathering audio and being able to put it all together in a finished online project.

Not only was the course aimed at “putting it all together” in their last year of media studies, but the goal was also to give the students an effective online resume that they could show prospective employers.

The name “Sword and Serif” was chosen by the students themselves. It reflects the combination of incisive hard-edged journalism and the poetry and craft of the written word.

We hope you’re impressed with the students’ work. It’s their best foot forward as they take their first steps into the working world.

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