Student parking is free this semester due to a reduced number of students and staff allowed on campus.

Before COVID-19, students and staff needed to purchase a permit to park on campus or in parking lots just outside of campus located on Queen’s Plate Dr.

Last year the parking permits would cost students $293.25 per semester and $88 for part-time staff. It cost full-time staff $883 for 12 months.

Now that the service is free, students and staff do not have to register their car.

There are currently about 30 cars a day parking for free for on campus activity.

Anyone is eligible to park at any Guelph-Humber University or Humber College parking lots located on campus grounds.

According to Humber Parking Services, this policy will remain in effect for the duration of the fall semester.

Approximately 500 students out of the 4900 enrolled at Guelph-Humber require the use of on campus labs to complete class content every week.

As for the winter semester, the Humber College Senior Executive team is currently deciding whether or not to extend free parking. The decision will be posted on both the Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber Parking websites by Nov. 1.