Students who aren’t attending classes in the University of Guelph-humber building will notice a lot of changes due to the pandemic when they come back to campus.

Students are required to download the Humber Guardian app when first entering the school. It allows them to do a COVID-19 self assessment, which is then checked by a security guard before they are allowed to enter.

Media studies student Tanny Chui works on campus in the media cage, giving students equipment for their labs. She says she feels comfortable at school.

“At the cage we’ve been given sanitizer and they also provide us masks so I feel safe working here four days a week.” Chui said.

Chui says there is also a plexiglas between them and students to ensure social distancing and all equipment is sanitized. 

When it comes to keeping the school clean Chiu says, “I see janitors coming every hour to wipe stuff down.”

She says she thinks Guelph-Humber won’t be able to bring back more students due to the restrictions on class sizes.She also says bringing back more students could make social distancing more difficult.

Michael Samartzis, one of the schools media technology specialist that supports the media cage, says all classes have to abide by guidelines provided by the province.

“The guidelines would include social distancing, wearing masks on campus, and symptom reporting through the Humber Guardian app,” says Samartzis.

He also says that when students go into computer labs they must wipe the computer before and after each use and sit distanced from other students. 

“All rooms on campus have a floor plan that shows safe physical distancing guidelines,” says media technologies specialist, Marc Tavares.  

Tavares says the floor plans show how many can fit in a room and guide people about where to sit or stand, ensuring everyone stays six feet apart.

Sophia Datri, a first-year media studies student, says with social distancing, the self-assessment tool and mandatory masks, she  wouldn’t change anything the university is doing to keep students safe.

“I definitely feel comfortable coming in. Not every day, but more than once a week,” says Datri.

On Nov.12. at 1 p.m. all students currently coming  to campus will receive an email from their academic advisor about a town hall meeting where students can ask questions or express how they feel about being on campus during the pandemic.