F or Davide Greco racing is more than just a pass time or hobby, for him, it is a passion, one that he’s had for as long he can remember. Now he’s been able to turn that passion into talent and results, with him now being one of the top karting racers in the country, competing all around the world doing the thing he loves.

At a young age growing up in Vaughan, Ontario Davide expressed an interest in various sports, such as soccer and football, however, racing was always the one that caught his eye. He decided that this was something he wanted to explore and at the age of seven, he began racing in house league events.

At 10, after improving and wanting to take the next step he got his own kart and began racing at a high level, and more competitive competitions.

Since then, he has only continued to improve and build on his racing abilities which have led him to various opportunities on route to becoming one of Canada’s premier kart racers, representing Canada for international events such as the Rotax Cup Super Final, and the United States Grand Nationals in 2019.

Davide on the podium after winning the Rok the Rio event in Las Vegas, NV
Davide on the podium after winning the Rok the Rio event in Las Vegas, NV

His success has led him to various locations around the world, such as Italy, France, Portugal, and Brazil. All of which he qualified for through long qualifications processes that involve multiple high-level races throughout the year.

His determination to improve has always been high, which has meant sacrificing time in order to focus on this passion. To him, however, this was never something he saw as a negative, only something that has helped shaped him into the person he is now.

“Racing has made me mature rather quickly and also learned how to just be more aware of certain things.”

He has maintained the belief in the work he has put in, and to this day he shares that his attitude and outlook of racing is still the same as it was when he fell in love with the sport as a kid.

“I’ve always just wanted to jump into the kart and drive on the weekends”, said Greco as he shared how important racing has been since he was young.

Davide being interviewed after setting the Goodwood Kartways track record in August 2020.
Davide being interviewed after setting the Goodwood Kartways track record in August 2020.

An important figure throughout his racing career has been his father who has been his main mechanic since he first started racing when he was seven.

His father Giulio Greco, has been a constant source of motivation and encouragement, and has helped push him to the heights he is reaching today.

“Every race is tough, every year is different and every race is different, but being able to do this with Dave and help him out and see him learn and grow has been a great experience,” said Giulio Greco.

Davide and his Father Giulio after a race.
Davide and his Father Giulio after a race.

“Achieving stuff with your dad and having him as a mentor and a mechanic is special for sure. We learned together and we started together,” said Davide Greco.

With the Covid-19 pandemic Davide shared that although he was unable to attend the world championships in Italy this past year, and that his scheduling and routines have been slightly put off because of restrictions, he is still doing what he can to get out to practice and compete whenever possible.

His goal is to qualify for the event once again next year and is looking forward to the challenges and events that are ahead of him.