This semester Guelph-Humber University is using Respondus for all exams, adding anxiety for some to the already stressful process of writing exams according to students. 


Respondus LockDown Browser is a downloadable program used to ensure students do not cheat during invigilated exams. It closes all your browser windows and opens the exam in a private browser where you can’t look anything up, or leave the site. The browser will not close until you submit your exam.


Third-year visual communications student Zac Buttivant does not feel ready for online exams. 


“I just feel like a lot of people don’t know how to use the program and the new learning curve that comes with it. I have not heard any information at all about how to use it from any of my profs,” said Buttivant, who needs to write two exams online.


Students are being told by the school to download the system in advance and complete a practice test before the exam day in order to write exams.


Third-year justice studies student Baden Smeal says it takes more time to write quizzes on Respondus and is annoyed with the process. 


“The camera distracts you, having the camera watch you feels weird. In the back of my head, I know someone is watching me,” Smeal said. 


Third-year visual communications student Anson Lee says privacy is a concern. 


“Having the program video and audio record my surroundings is an evasion of my privacy and I’m being forced to do it. I’m stuck, if I don’t agree to write the exam, I’ll fail my class. Final exams should be open book and non invigilated like our midterms.”