There are many students walking the halls of Guelph-Humber and Humber college with talents that many people may not be aware of. Gabi Rana is one of those students who is a very talented singer that many students have not discovered yet.

In Rana’s early life she has always been interested in everything related to music. Rana says, “as a child I was always the most enthusiastic. My love for music started right when I was able to take my first step.”

During elementary school Rana took part in her school choir but did not fully realize her passion for singing until she was in Grade 6. She took part in two choirs from Grade 6 to 8 and in high school performed as a soloist. When Rana entered high school at St. Joseph Secondary School she started vocal classes with her school.

At the end of her Gabi Rana playing the pianohigh schoolyear she entered her high school talent show and performed a cover of “Wild Horses” by Birdy.

“Vocal sessions were too expensive but we were able to afford piano lesson,” says Rana. She began taking piano lessons from ages 9 to 11 but then decided to quit and restarted at the age of 15 to 17. It wasn’t until recently that she began working with a mentor, the Canadian artist Michelle Treacy.

“I have been working with Treacy for 5 months and wrote my very first song with her, it’s a song that helped me move on from a heartache that I held onto for a long time.” 

Rana had auditioned and was offered a spot in a workshop called “Talent Nation,” at the age of 15, which had taught her how to improve her stage presence and gave her the confidence to further pursue singing. At the end of her workshop she was offered the opportunity of performing in-front of professionals a part of the music industry and sang Wide Awake by Katy Perry and met Canadian artist Tyler Shaw.

Social media has helped Rana get the recognition she deserves. This, in fact, is how Michelle Treacy, who has worked with artists such as Lady Gaga discovered Rana and offered to work with her. On instagram Gabi posts many covers and recently she posted on TikTok a cover of Arcade by Duncan Laurence and received 5,000 views in 24 hours.

In the future, Rana hopes to post more covers or even her own song on Soundcloud and then eventually get her songs on Apple Music and Spotify which would give her music more recognition.

Rana majored in media studies in hopes that when she receives an internship next year (in her fourth year), that it would hopefully be in the music industry so she can be one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming an artist. She hopes to one day record and write her own music and write songs for other artists such as Shawn Mendes, ASTN and 5 Seconds of Summer.

“My biggest dream is to go on my very own tour and perform a sold out show at our famous Rogers Centre in-front of thousands of people.”