Business-minded Bianca Di Felice chose to start up a beauty line featuring custom made lip gloss, reflecting one of her many passions; makeup. “Glossmeoutbyb” is a Vaughan-owned business with one goal; to make you feel confident about your lips. 

Di Felice is currently in her third year, working towards an honors bachelor’s degree for media studies and applied arts at University of Guelph-Humber. 

“Glossmeoutbyb” owner, who is 20, strongly believes in her sense of self which is clear through the way she carries herself. She believes makeup is something that makes her feel confident as a person. Her strong interest in beauty and makeup drove her to start her own makeup line. What better way to feel confident than to wear your own, self made makeup?

“ It’s important to me that my customers feel confident and beautiful in themselves while wearing my gloss,” says Di Felice.

She uses Instagram as the main platform to promote and expand her business. The most challenging thing Di Felice believes to be as a new business owner and a student is the stress when customers place orders of multiple glosses at a time which are custom and handmade by her. 

When I asked her if her makeup line ever interferes with her school schedule she says, “no, you just need to learn to have good time management. I usually find time to make the lip gloss orders between classes. I plan out how many I can make within a time limit, which makes it easier to find time to finish any schoolwork.”

Di Felice is a perfectionist when it comes to making her gloss. She takes her time choosing which scents to use and ingredients to add to ensure her products are not only safe, but will effectively treat and moisturize the user’s lips. Her products include essential oils, jojoba oil, coconut oil and vitamin e oil.

“ I put a lot of care into my products. The things I look for when purchasing a product are what I like to include in mine to make sure that my product doesn’t only look good but also includes ingredients that are healthy for your lips,” says Di Felice. 

What the young entrepreneur hopes for the future of her business is to be able to further expand her lip gloss brand and create a website for her beauty line. She plans on creating many more beauty products, specifically focusing on lips, such as lip scrubs and lip masks. 

When promoting her lip gloss brand, she says how it is essential to maintain healthy lips. “My motto for my brand is ‘stay glossy’ and the only way you can stay glossy is through making sure you take care of your lips, which my products can help you do really well.”

To support Bianca’s business and find your new favourite lip gloss, check out her page,