Webs of white streaks that are not quite clouds mark the sky on what would otherwise be a clear blue day.


An airplane flies by, tracking a long line of something across the horizon.


What are these long, thick lines of white? Are they contrails or chemtrails? Are they made up of water vapour or toxic chemicals? Do they harm the environment or have no significant environmental effects? Local community members are asking these questions and more.


Some say that chemtrails are designed to cool the Earth to prevent global warming, which they say is deeply unethical. Others say chemtrails/contrails themselves contribute significantly to global warming. Still others say chemtrails are simply made up of toxic waste products from commercial airliners and represent a symptom of the wider issue of air pollution. All are deeply concerned by the appearance of these trails in the sky and consider them unsightly and dangerous.

Chemtrail-spreading jet in action

An airliner spreading chemtrails in Etobicoke, Ont. near Albion Rd. (Credit: Kent Murray, Oct. 21, 2022.)

Kerry Archibald, a lawyer, Indigenous rights advocate, and a former student of the University of Guelph-Humber, calls photos of chemtrails in the Humber Arboretum “heartbreaking.”


She says they are devastating the ozone layer which “does so much for us.”

“It’s kind of hard to see how much damage we’re doing to our Earth.”


Chemical air pollution interferes with nature

A chemtrail spans the horizon in the Humber Arboretum; photo taken from underneath a patch of trees. (Credit: Kent Murray, Oct. 1, 2022.)

Archibald also sees some inconsistency from average people who claim to be aware of environmental issues. “There’s this whole plastic movement of “oh, plastic’s so bad,” but when we look at the photos that you sent me, you’re looking at pollution that planes are doing and I think a lot of people are focused on battery-powered cars or plastics in the waterways,” she says.


“I think a lot of people, they focus on one movement but they don’t focus on the entirety of that movement…. Everyone’s just so focused on the ground but no-one’s really focusing up,” Archibald says.


Regardless, the physical appearances of water condensation and chemical waste are entirely dissimilar, at least when released from factories grounded on land. So how can two sides passionately argue that something they can both see is one of two complete opposites?


Mainstream politicians, representatives of corporations, mainstream scientists, and the mainstream media continue to argue that these are trails of water vapour and the mere suggestion they are chemtrails harmful to the atmosphere is a “conspiracy theory.”


Prof. Monika Havelka is Head of the Department of Geography, Geomatics, and Environment at the University of Toronto Mississauga. She accepts the mainstream consensus. In an email, Havelka says,

“There’s no credible scientific support for the existence of chemtrails, as they are popularly defined.”



Despite her belief that chemtrails do not exist, Prof. Havelka also says, “Geoengineering is real.” Geoengineering is the process of intentionally producing artificial changes in the weather, also known as weather modification.


On March 26, 1975, the American and Canadian federal governments signed an agreement in Washington, D.C. in both English and French stating that they would cooperate with each other in the event of future weather modification efforts in either country. This would appear to lend credence to theories that chemtrails are part of a conspiracy by Western governments and corporations to artificially modify the weather.


The title of the document is: “Agreement Between Canada and the United States of America Relating to the Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities.” Jeanne Sauvé representing the Government of Canada and Christian Herter representing the Government of the United States of America signed it.


The agreement notes that people in varying positions of power in both countries were tampering with the atmosphere on a massive scale even in 1975, which could already include chemtrails or a precursor to them. But it does not serve to hold anyone to account for weather modification activities including chemtrails.


Article VIII says, “The Parties shall meet periodically, by mutual agreement, or at the request of either, to review the implementation of this Agreement or to consider other issues related to weather modification.” This may indicate a conspiracy between the national governments of the U.S. and Canada to artificially modify the atmosphere, possibly using chemtrails as their avenue to do so.


One could interpret this agreement as both laying the groundwork and being a continuous justification for the massive day-to-day release of chemtrails up to the present.


These trails, whether they are chemtrails or contrails, clearly exist. They may contribute to global warming or they may be an unethical experiment to inhibit it. They may be part of a weather modification program by the government or simply corporate air pollution caused by negligence. They exist and citizens are worried by them.

Concerned citizen photo

Chemtrail photo taken by a local concerned citizen outside of the Colossus Imax Theatre in Woodbridge, Ont. (Credit: Vincent Murray, Sept. 30, 2022.)

Vincent Murray is a father in Woodbridge, Ont. who has done years of extensive research into the subject of chemtrails. He is well-versed on their alleged components and effects. His research has brought him to a different conclusion from mainstream scientists.


Murray states, “They’re called “contrails” in the sense that condensation is what’s making them visible. Where it becomes a chemtrail is that something’s been added to the exhaust that reacts differently…. Condensation doesn’t increase in visibility as it spreads out, it gets thinner and wispier and isn’t visible anymore.”



“It seems that it’s been designed in a way that continues to spread out aggressively. So that’s part of the chemical reaction,” he says.


Murray says that chemtrails may be an attempt by governments to reduce the effects of global warming. But he says,

“I think that because they are particles and they are being distributed and they fall into populated areas, you can’t call it anything but pollution.”


Multiple chemtrails intersecting

Criss-crossing chemtrails in the Humber Arboretum. (Credit: Kent Murray, Oct. 1, 2022.)

Spidery streaks up above incite controversy, mystery, and in some cases pure disgust or horror among the people down below, as everyone who notices asks the question: “What are those things?”