Humber Residence buildings were hit with a strange graffiti pattern on Sept. 19, which left students giggling at first, but then developed into a more serious matter.


Images taken around Humber T-Building Residence, left to right 5th floor, Main Stairwell, 4th floor

Images taken around Humber T-Building Residence, left to right 5th floor, Main Stairwell, 4th floor


T-Building, located inside of the Humber Residence was the hardest hit of the residence buildings. Graffiti depicting ‘butts’ were found popping up on many windows, signs, and posters. R and S buildings were also tagged but have fewer permanent features damaged.


Many students who live in residence found the situation humorous, like Humber resident Abby Ross who said, “I mean, I think it’s a little weird, but it’s also funny at the same time, I don’t know why.”


However, the situation is no laughing matter for people like the resident assistant on the 2nd floor of T-Building, Kaitlynn Lewis. Kaitlynn, whos door was tagged stated, “I’ve tried wiping it off on other things and it hasn’t been dry erase. That actually makes a big difference too on how we deal with that situation and the impact it has on the school.”


While no official statement has been made, higher-level management officials are aware of the situation and numerous security cameras are being reviewed. Once all the culprits have been identified, they will be tasked with cleaning up their practical joke, according to Kaitlynn Lewis.


Jehan Phan, the Quiet Service Director at Paragon Security stressed, “When you see something happening pick up the phone and call public safety, they’re there to help. We’re making sure that Humber College and Humber communities are safe, and everybody feels comfortable and safe coming on campus.”


Meanwhile, student Danielle Carroll said, “If I had seen graffiti that was more violent in nature, I’d probably be freaked out, but it was obviously just a joke so I’m not afraid for my safety.”


Though this situation doesn’t seem to pose a public safety concern, individuals are encouraged to report vandalism incidents to security as it is considered a crime. These situations need to be dealt with locally before any other incidents of a similar nature occur.