Meet The Kents

A message from the author

My experience with the Kents has been something I will remember for a really long time. The people I’ve met while doing this project are some of the nicest people I’ll ever meet. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind – I didn’t feel like a stranger once (even if I had just met them!) From Chloe the cat to Mr. K, the boys have some really great people surrounding them.

To the boys, you are super talented and passionate. I know these things are shown in all musicians but I believe that you guys have something different that will take you very far, further than fame or fortune.

Colton, you are someone I have began to look up to. We all know how busy you are but yet you manage to always keep on top of things. Thank you for helping me experience this with the boys and scheduling and making everything happen.

I know this won’t be the end.


Chantelle Ouano