Learning Support Peers (LSPs) are the smiling faces you see behind the desk in the Learning Commons on the second floor. Their motto, “here to assist, here to relate” truly lives up to par as their role entails supporting students and providing them with resources to ensure their success. 


Learning Support Peer, Jaime Donofrio, says she is happy to apply the lessons she has learned as a student to her job as an LSP, in order to be of assistance to students in need. 


Learning Support Peers are paid students that work as an extension of academic advisors, in which students are able to reach out to if in need of assistance regarding academics or personal support. Available both in person and remotely, they’ve got what you need.


They offer “Learning Skills Workshops” to provide students with various academic tips, such as: exam preparation, reading and note taking strategies, time management, overcoming procrastination, group work, stress management and self care and presentation skills. Students can schedule a workshop through the university’s website and be on the road to success. 


Nearing the end of the fall semester, course registration is looming over students’ heads, but even more so for LSPs. Course selection is one of the busiest times for them, as they are receiving countless emails in addition to students coming up to the desk in need of assistance. But not to worry, they are there to encourage and work on “really implementing students’ success,” said Donofrio. 


Through easing the stress of logging onto WebAdvisor, fixing malfunctioning course schedules and mapping out courses and electives for upcoming semesters, they are a source students can rely on to get their schedules in line. 


While carrying out their role as pillars of support for students, they are also keeping things in line behind the desk. They monitor messages and emails, organize documents for academic advisors and manage and create posts for their social media accounts. LSP’s social media platforms inform students about important dates, course and advising information and student services, so they never miss a beat.  


Not only do LSPs calm students’ academic nerves, but can ease their emotional ones. With student support comes all aspects of it, because sometimes what students need is emotional support. 


Learning Support Peer Andrea Veliz said, “I’ve sent students to the wellness and accessibility centre, just because they see how accessible we are right here, they don’t know who else to ask for help.”


Learning Support Peers have a willingness to help and connect with students, “the fact that we’re all student led here, helps people understand that we know exactly what you’re going through and helps build that relationship,” said Veliz. 


Being in an environment where staff and students are constantly passing by, Learning Support Peers are ready to talk and always ready to listen, “My favourite part is chit-chatting with people. People will walk by, say hi, and I’ve never met them before. And I’m just like: ‘this is so cool!’ I’m just meeting people,” said Veliz. 


To aid your academic worries, calm your waves of emotions and find an open ear, pay a visit to the Learning Support Peers in the Learning Commons.  


Email: lsp@guelphhumber.ca

Instagram: @lspguelphhumber 

TikTok: @ghlsp