Adam Wylde may be the Humber kid that made it, but don’t tell him that. The former Humber student was all too humble telling me, “I don’t feel like I’ve made it yet […] I feel like if you ever feel that way you might be done.” No matter how he feels about his own level of success, the host of “The Adam Wylde Show” on KISS 92.5, and co-host of both Breakfast Television and the Steve Dangle Podcast has achieved a lot of success and is someone students should look up to as a media personality.

Wylde was a student of Humber College’s Broadcasting – Radio program from 2007 to 2008. He left after one year as his talents were recognized early and he was offered a job in Halifax. Wylde said, “I had already been working so I figured, well, this is the next step in my career anyways, so I decided to go for it.”

From there, Adam never looked back. He became the co-host of the “Blake and Wylde Show” on KISS 92.5 in February 2013 where he remains today as the host of the “Adam Wylde Show”. In the same year, Adam and childhood friend Steve “Dangle” Glynn, and later current KISS 92.5 producer Jesse Blake,  began what Adam calls, “The thing I’ve done in my career that I think I’m proudest of”… The Steve Dangle Podcast.

The Steve Dangle Podcast was originally created as a Toronto Maple Leafs podcast for the three friends to express their opinions on the Leafs. It has since branched out into a full NHL show that has since been picked up by Rogers and sponsored by Panago Pizza.

Wylde says podcasting is great because, “You get to be all aspects […] we’re doing promotions, and budgets, and content, and everything.” He says, “It helps you understand why sometimes your bosses at work react the way they do to things, why they make the decisions they make, and it helps you understand why business is the way it is.”

Today, while working both on KISS 92.5 and the Steve Dangle Podcast, Wylde made his way into the television business. Wylde is a regular on Breakfast Television. In 2017, Wylde’s work warranted him a spot in Radio Humber’s Hall of Fame; a list of television and radio personalities that have brought great pride to the school.

Former Head of the Radio Broadcasting program at Humber College Jerry Chomyn had this to say about his former student.

“I get a rush everytime I see or hear one of my former students.  There can be no more satisfying feeling than to know that you have helped shape an industry, in this case media, not only by what you have done but by what you have taught others.  I talked to Adam last year and immediately saw why he has achieved so much success…he lives and breathes media every day.  I’m proud of him.”

Wylde’s success has helped many current students that look up to him. I spoke to Steve Dangle Podcast fan, and current Guelph-Humber student Ameer Hamid about Adam’s success and he told me “It motivates myself to see someone come from my school and have the success that he’s had.”

Ameer’s fellow Guelph-Humber classmate Najma Hashi said, “It’s cool because if you want to be in the radio industry and you know Adam did it, it makes you feel like you can do it too.” Najma added “It’s extra hope that there’s a place out there for you”

When asked for his advice to the students who want to follow in his footsteps, Wylde said with a laugh, “Do better.” Wylde then added, “If you do not have a good attitude, and you are not good to people, then you will not last […] You need to listen to people, you are not the best. Even when you are the best you can still do better. Even LeBron James has a personal trainer because he wants to get better.” Wylde concluded with, “You gotta remember, being the most talented does not automatically mean you win. I’ve worked with people at my station and at other stations that are far more talented than me […] The only thing that truly, truly led to my success is I just outwork them.”

The former Humber student can be heard on the radio weekdays from 3p.m to 7p.m on KISS 92.5, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays on the Steve Dangle Podcast on iTunes and YouTube.