The atrium did not have a single empty seat, yet the only sound was coming from a lone mic on stage.

The Emerge Conference is an annual event which aims to inspire and teach current media students.

The conference was held on March 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Assembly Hall on the Humber Lakeshore Campus.

High-profile guest speakers were invited to offer an insight into the media business. This year’s speakers included award-winning journalist Angela Misri and Canadian author, publisher and musician Dave Bidini.

The conference was put together by the fourth-year Media Studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber.

Everyone in the atrium could sense the feeling of exhilaration coming from the media students. The student’s thoughts focused on one thing, success.

Emerge sign Many students looked up to the guest speakers and questioned how they can achieve their level of success.

Nicole Pollock, the director of Cotton Candy Event Staffing, had the answer. She advised students to know who they are and be confident in themselves to become who they want to be.

“Look yourself in the mirror, its incredibly important to know who you are and what you put out there,” said Pollock.

She defined success as desire. She said “success is the desire to keep going, the desire to keep pushing yourself.”

Pollock was not the only one to tell the audience to find out who they truly are. Dave Bidini, an award-winning author and musician, encourages students to find their voice.

Bidini said “everyone has a singular voice, and really the trick is being able to make sure that that voice comes through as clearly, as honestly and as fearlessly in what you create as art.”

He states that if you are fearless in what you do and share it in your unique voice, you will become successful.

For Bidini, “success is defined by doing something you love,” which, for Bidini, is writing.

Angela Misri, an award-winning journalist with over 16 years of experience, agrees with Bidini.

Misri said “if you’re not curious about [your job] you will get bored or annoyed by it, you have to love it to create the great things, you have to experiment, you have to fail to create the great things.”

Misri, like Bidini and Pollock, said that students must get to know who they are and be confident about it.

She encouraged students to add their interests to their resumes. She said “There are no small things, all the things that make you you are powerful and you never know what someone else is going to value in you.”

Every student in that atrium learned a story. A story that will ignite their path to success.

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