After a $5 million donation Humber College has begun to construct the Barrett Centre of Technology Innovation, (Barrett CTI) as its newest addition to the North Campus.
According to the Humber website, the Barrett CTI building was scheduled to be completed for this past spring however its opening date has been pushed for early 2019.
According to the Humber College website this building will include “interactive demonstration floor, mobile technology lab, collaborative learning spaces, and maker spaces for skills competitions and applied research.”

21-year-old Kyle Agpoon is a third-year architect student and he hopes this centre will include more resources for students like himself. “I think it’ll benefit students because if it includes resources like laser printing, that would be very helpful with school projects,” said Agpoon.
Agpoon adds how laser printing is a way to cut precise shapes out of paper, which helps in building models by saving time and material, with little to none human error.

Associate dean of built environment, Carl Oliver, said as a professor his main issue would be waiting for labs to be unoccupied. With this new space it will assist the different classes that might need to use the space.“Excellent opportunity for students, incredible opportunity for industry academic and experiential learning for students,” said Oliver.
“To have access to the environment they will have when they graduate, hands on learning, relevant and cutting edge.”

The Barrett CTI facility is designated for students within applied research studies, however many students outside of these programs wonder how it might benefit them. Darren Lawless, dean of applied technology says that this facility is made for everyone.
“This is not for the elite, it’s for everyone,” says Lawless. “Even though technology is the focus, it’s the centre for innovation so can you bring multiple lenses to solve a problem.”
Although the centre is based on applied research, Lawless reminds students of all programs that their contribution is imperative to the facility’s theme of innovation and collaboration. He says students should get involved.
“I have an open-door invitation to any students that want to learn more,” said Lawless.

Lawless states the centre will be used for partnership projects, where students can work directly with outside companies to collaborate on current or new projects.
In January of 2016, president of Polytainers Inc, Robert and his wife Francine Barrett made a $5 million donation to Humber College, according to the Humber website. Their donation will fund the Barrett CTI building and scholarships for students in applied technology programs.