The LinX Lounge is getting an additional food service, a Soup Bar, brought in partnership with a non-profit charity organization called Feed It Forward. The Soup Bar will be an attempt by IGNITE to help students save money with a pay-what-you-can initiative and to eliminate the extensive amount of food that gets wasted in Canada yearly.

With the creation of the pay-what-you-can feature, students are prompted to do exactly that, putting forth whatever change they have as there is no set price. For Jeremy Largo-Afonso, the vice-president of Humber’s North Campus, this is the essence of “financial security” as “saving students money is critical to their success.”

Feed It Forward is a program that has goals set towards environmental sustainability and to help cater to people who cannot afford the high costs of groceries. On its official website, the program encourages restaurants, grocery stores and food manufacturing facilities to donate consumable food instead of resorting to throwing it away.

According to the organization, they have served 39,650 meals and saved 67,200 pounds worth of food going to waste in landfills. Chef Jagger Gordon, the founder and executive chef at Feed It Forward, says “not one should go hungry, no matter how far or big we get, it’s a matter of making sure that on my end, I can address every person that’s hungry within schools.”

With a plan to combat the rising issues of food waste in the school community, Largo-Alfonso says, “all the food is made on campus at the LinX Lounge along with upcycled food from local businesses and organizations that IGNITE and Humber College chose as partners.”

Among students, there seems to be a decent reaction on campus. “We are extremely happy with the positive feedback received by students thus far,” Largo-Alfonso says. Tamia Douglas, a third-year justice studies student at Guelph-Humber was present at the opening of the Soup Bar and paid 25 cents for a bowl of coconut curry soup. “It’s a great idea that can benefit all students. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with,” says Douglas. “Hopefully they’ll be inclusive and have vegan options too.”