The mission statement for University of Guelph-Humber is that it “isn’t just an innovative education.  It’s a modern spirit, it’s people knowing your name, it’s relevant to the changing times, and its great opportunity.” The university aims to give students with skills designed for today’s world. It is more than just time in the classroom, providing services to ensure student success inside and outside of the classroom.

Student Life

According to Student Life representative Jessica Pilfold, The Student Life team at the university is one of the schools on-campus resources dedicated to supporting the success of all students. Proudly endorsing its motto “Get involved! Be informed!”

Pilfold said the team provides many services for students before and during their time at school. Events such as Kick Start and Orientation programs going through everything new students need to know before starting school.

Pilfold also highlighted the First Year Experience Program providing direct support to students before and during school.

The representative explained that before school starts students are broken up into small Facebook groups and given a group leader who is an upper year student in the same program. The leader’s job is to act as a resource to answer and questions students may have as well as allow people to get to know each other before the school year starts.

Something new the program is offering are workshops highlighted by Pilfold. These workshops run through the first few weeks of school. Pilfold pointed out some topics to be the difference between university and high school, how to stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally, academic skills, mindset, mindfulness and wellness strategies.

Pilfold advocates students take advantage of the CliftonStrengths program. The process involves completing an online assessment. Discovering five of your natural strengths and then showing you how to use those strengths to better their academic experience.

“Student Life offers many opportunities for personal development and growth to help students leave the university with a host of valuable experiences for their futures” said Pilfold

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Library Services

University librarian Sue Hunter believes Library Services at the university is one of students most valuable resources to help them achieve their research and academic goals.

Hunter pointed out services such as research guides, personalized for every program and citation guides.

Hunter said students can meet with a librarian face to face through “research appointments” or use their “ask a librarian” direct messaging service found on all the universities online research resources.

Hunter concludes that “there is a lot of support for research help for students on campus, whether it’s through University of Guelph-Humber library services or Humber library services no student should feel frustrated or struggle with research because there is a lot of help to be had.”

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Ignite – Student Government

According to Ignite vice president and representative of the university Maheen Nazim, Ignite is the student government at the university. Led by Humber and Guelph-Humber students they aim to amplify student voice.

Nazim said the sleep lounge provides a safe space for students to rest. The lounge is located at KX204, in the student centre on the Humber side of campus. Nazim points out Ignite ensures privacy for students by separating each lounger with partitions.

Nazim also highlights Ignites clubs program saying, “A lot of students tend to just drop into school, study and leave, which hinders your ability to socially network and Ignite offers you a way to do that through some of its services.”

Nazim highlights the Pie Appreciation and Development Society and the Muslim Student Association.

According to their description on the Ignite website, the Pie Appreciation and Development Society “meets monthly to try new varieties of pie, discuss pie culture and push the discourse surrounding pie development.”

The websites description for the Muslim Student Association explains its hopes to be “a bridge for people of all faiths to better understand the religion of Islam and create healthy dialogue and discussion that will increase the sense of community and tolerance on campus.”

The vice president said Ignite also runs events throughout the year.

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