From album covers to oil paintings, maps and pop culture images, students who curiously wandered the rows of billboards had plenty to examine at the Humber café on Friday November 9 during the Imaginus Poster gallery. According to their website, Imaginus claims to be the nations ‘oldest and largest’ poster retailer and that it tours Canadian universities and colleges.

Second year Humber student Mawuena Akradie said she went to the Imaginus art gallery twice last year.

“I had no idea that Humber did stuff like this, I only know because last year my friend showed me after class. I went the second time too in the winter semester.”

Akradie looked  at several posters with fashion designer Coco Chanel quotes about life before she finally picked the one that read, “Beauty begins in the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Humber student Joey Donato said he goes to the gallery every semester.

“It’s really amazing, just wonderful for me, I love it, they came here last year, and I went to check it out, but I didn’t get any [at the time],” Donato said.

This time Donato didn’t leave empty handed.

“I’m definitely happy they came back [this semester] so I could get a few [posters],” Donato said as he cradled several Pokémon and Venom posters in his hands.

Humber student Sahd Gondal was looking for something to brighten up his dreary room.

“I’m buying this Arnold Schwarzenegger poster, he’s one of my favourite actors,” Gondal said as he looked over a poster of Schwarzenegger wearing boxing gear with his hands raised triumphantly. The words ‘enjoyment’ written underneath in bolded letters.

Donato, Akradie and Gondal each said that the art gallery is nice change to their school routine.

Kori Ploughman, the events coordinator for Ignite at Humber College said events like this add an interesting element to school life and help engage students while showcasing the value and beauty of art.

Ploughman said, “they provide a wide selection of different types of art for all types of people, and they do it a generally low price. They are one of the only poster sales organizations in Ontario that appeals directly to students.”

Ploughman said that Ignite is trying to conduct various events to reflect the needs and wants of all types of students on campus.

She said, “we want to try an hit different target and a different niche groups of students, not everyone wants to go to a party. Some people want art.”

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