HumberCollege and the University of Guelph-Humber have high hopes of becoming the healthiest campus in Canada as the institutions have now gone completely smoke-free.

Associate Director of student wellness and accessibility, Jacqueline Anderson said the campus becoming smoke-free is “about the overall health for everyone, so people aren’t exposed to second hand smoke. Also contributing to making healthier choices by not having an individual smoke.”

According to the city of Toronto website, becoming smoke-free is encouraged as it makes “smoking less socially acceptable and reduce smoking visibility for youth.”

As the new smoke-free policy bans smoking alternatives such as vaping, Anderson said, the student wellness and accessibility centre provides nicotine alternatives that are available for both Humber and Guelph-Humber students.

Although the campus aims to promote healthier choices, many students are frustrated with the new policy.

“I think nobody likes coming to the sidewalk to smoke and I still see so many people smoking on campus,” remarked a Humber student, who asked to remain anonymous, as he smoked a cigarette on the sidewalk of Humberline Blvd.

“They announced that this campus is a smoke free campus, but it’s not.”  

Registered nurse at Humber, Dana Dwyer said “we have partnered with a program called Leave the Pack Behind.” The program runs out of Brock University.

With the new policy, the accessibility and wellness centre has arranged services for students who are looking to cut back or quit smoking altogether. The centre provides both nicotine patches and gums.

“The patches can be worn all day. It has that release of nicotine for students. Generally, it’s more for quitting smoking but at the same time if some students need that, they’re not able to function without smoking, then [the patch] is something they could use as well,”

“Ultimately, we want to make it easy and as accessible for students as possible to be able to quit smoking,” Dwyer said.