The Humber College north campus may have a problem on their hands. With a lack of food vendors open on campus in the evening many students are left with few options.  

With The Food Emporium, The Hawks Nest and GH Café closing at 7pm, students are left to choose between Tim Hortons and Linx Lounge.  

Harmon Slack, a third-year justice studies student at Guelph Humber, says that looking for food on campus late at night can mean a long wait, more so at Tim Horton’s.

“Especially when it’s the only thing open and people are going for coffees and everything the line gets really long.”

Slack says that as the night goes on it only gets worse, and it has an effect on his ability to study.  

“I’ve been at the school, passed like nine or ten pm and even at that point there is nothing open and if I want to get any food I have to go off campus and it takes an extended period of time.”

Slack would like to see the school accommodate its students better.  

“It would definitely be nice to see some spots opened up later.”

Currently Tim Hortons stays open until 9 pm throughout the week and closes earlier on weekends.  While Lynx lounge, which features Smoke’s Poutinerie, has fluctuating hours depending on the day.  

Rhemie Aquino, a third-year media studies student, says that the lack of food options has also had an effect on his class time.  

“First year we had pretty late classes and as a young guy I get pretty hungry, and as I was walking around campus and the GH Café closes around that time and there is not much else that you can do.”

Aquino also thinks that the school needs to have more options later at night.  

“It’s better for us at the end of the day, it is better for our learning. I mean when you are hungry how are you supposed to sit through a three-hour lecture?”.

Jordan Kelly, a third-year Guelph Humber business student, says he can understand where the school is coming from.  

“At the end of the day the college is a business and its purpose is to make money.”,said Kelly.

“Based on the number of students that have night classes, having food options open later is most likely not cost effective based on the money that would be spent versus the money being paid for wages to workers.”

Aquino says that even installing healthier options in vending machines would be better and solve the problem of worker wages.  

  “I think actually, they should invest in some sort of vending machine that actually offers sandwiches, some sort of actual food, beside chips and chocolates.”

Kelly thinks that it is important for students to eat before coming to school.  

“Given that night classes typically start around 6pm it is possible the school feels that most students will have eaten before coming to school at that time.”

According to the school’s website, vendor hours are subject to change. Although they have remained the same for the last few years.