Ralph Noveloso is a sneakerhead.

While most of us don’t give much thought to the shoes on our feet, sneakerheads like Noveloso are busy buying, collecting and reselling shoes, some worth more than 400 dollars.

Noveloso said, “I really wanted to collect sneakers because it was fun, but then at one point I realized that if they were just sitting in a box there was no value to me, but there was obvious value for other people.”

Noveloso is a part of the “sneaker culture”, where cultural significance has been connected to shoes. The most notable and widespread example of this is Nike’s Air Jordan line, where the sneakers worn and endorsed by Michael Jordan seemingly merged the cultural significance of what he represented with the line of sneakers.

Another more current example of this is Kanye’s Yeezy line with Adidas.

The most valuable of these sneakers are exclusively available for a limited time.

These factors are where the legitimacy of “sneaker culture” stems from. The culture allows for the sneakers themselves to hold a certain value in the market, giving them life even after production of specific models is halted.

Noveloso said his passion for sneakers is what helps make it profitable. It’s about knowing what sneakers are worth and to whom.

Hubs that allow buyers and sellers to connect include kijiji, Facebook Market Place and Facebook groups.

Noveloso highlighted the website StockX as a tool that supports him in buying and selling sneakers.

“It’s a tool that allows you to really see the value because if you really go to the market prices are fluctuating all the time.”

For the full podcast with Ralph Noveloso: https://soundcloud.com/tepheniti/sneaker-culture-gh360-hosted-by-stephen-viti

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