The new Light Rail Transit System introduced by Metrolinx to run from Humber College to Finch West has started construction at the Humber North Campus.


The Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a train system that will be built with 18 stops between the two stations to help lessen traffic for commuters according to the Metrolinx website.


With the number of commuters at Guelph-Humber as well as Humber, the LRT will provide students with another form of transportation besides the city buses or driving.


Many students at the campus aren’t happy with one of the parking lots being taken away for construction of this new system, Scott Valens, the director of capital development at Humber College said. However; he said, students have nothing to worry about as the parking lot will be open again upon completion of the project.


Matthew Mac Isaac, a fourth year justice studies student is a student frustrated with the commuting and parking at Humber and is looking forward to using the LRT. He thinks that his commuting experience is bad and that the transit would improve it.


The LRT is an easier, faster and better connection for students to get to school said Scott Money, a representative of Metrolinx. He also said that students can expect to use their Presto Card Loyalty Program for a better deal for people who plan on taking the transit system often.


Money said, “The reason the LRT route turns on Highway 27 from Finch Avenue West is to provide capacity for future expansion. The original Environmental Assessment covers an extension to Pearson Airport, which would also include a stop at Woodbine,” leaving room for an expansion of the system for students to take advantage of.


Mr. Valens said that the project will provide a much better commuting experience for students. Metrolinx plans to not only open the station but are also building a new service road in and out of Humber that will connect Highway 27 with Presidents Way at Humber College, giving students a much easier way in and out of campus.


The LRT is expected to be running in 2023 according to Metrolinx plans.