From catching up on credits to lightening a course load, summer electives can help a student graduate easier, so why does Guelph Humber offer less course selection in the summer?


According to the Guelph Humber website, depending on the area of study, students are required to take three to five general electives in order to graduate. Courses such as the science of healthy living, creative writing, and classical mythology, are just a few of the 39 electives listed online during the winter and fall semesters at Guelph Humber. But during the summer, Guelph Humber provides only 10 summer electives, with more than half being online courses.


Fourth-year justice studies student Neha Gupta said a full course load during the school year is difficult for her and wishes there were more options for summer electives.  “I like to take my electives in the summer, but due to limited choices, I find that I don’t get the opportunity to take the electives that I want.”  She said.


Every few years, Matthew LaGrone, the assistant program head of electives, conducts a survey and assesses the interests of students to help improve the selection of electives offered.


“The reason is that demand is fairly low during the summer, most electives are designed to be taken in either the fall or winter.” Said LaGrone.


According to campus registrar Grant Kerr, only 1352 students took summer electives during the 2019 year, while 1070 students took summer electives during 2015.


LaGrone said that the majority of summer electives are online to accommodate students who may have a hard time coming to campus. Students are more likely to be away or working full time during the summer. “I always work with our academic advisors to ensure that we have sufficient courses for summer.” he LaGrone.


Fourth-year business studies student Jon Law took all five of his electives during the summer and agrees with the way Guelph Humber is handling its course options.  “I actually think the elective selection is pretty diverse and cover a lot of different ground.” he said.


According to the Guelph Humber website, it also provides a study abroad program for students who are looking to both travel and learn during the summer.