The majority of students who took part in a local survey reveal they want more sustainable food options but there aren’t enough on campus. Out of the surveyed students, 68 per cent said they have tried Beyond Meat or plant-based ‘meat’ alternatives and the vast majority of students said they would like to see these options on campus.


A survey of 50 Humber and Guelph-Humber students revealed 80 per cent of students try to eat more sustainably by consuming less meat and buying local produce. One in 10 of the students surveyed said they were vegan or vegetarian.


Humber has yet to bring Beyond Meat products to menus across all campus dining locations, only offering a Lightlife Burger and vegan burger at the Food Emporium.


Lindsay Walker, the associate director of the Office of Sustainability at Humber said one of the largest impacts of greenhouse gases is the food industry. She said if everyone could have one less day of meat in the week, it would make a significant impact.


Walker said if meatless and plant-based options were available in every location on campus at a reasonable price, it would make a big difference because students can afford it.

“They’re going to have healthier food which is better for their bodies, better for their brains, better for the environment, better for everyone,” she said.


According to Walker, the best place on campus for students who are seeking sustainable food options is The Spot, located in the Barrett CTI building. She said it offers fresher, healthier, more sustainable and locally sourced food at an affordable price. Walker said the more students and faculty who support The Spot means more business will be generated and the demand for plant-based food options across campus will grow.


Chartwells, a division of Compass Group Canada, is the food service provider for Humber College. Laurelle Knox, manager of communications at Compass Group Canada, would not comment on plans to bring meatless options to the Humber College campus and said it was confidential information.


Knox shared through email that Chartwells can make a significant and positive impact on the food system and environment by incorporating more “plant-forward meals.” It is mindful of the preferences of students and faculty and are striving to offer plant-forward options in association with its sustainability plan.


Knox outlined the vegan and vegetarian options currently available to students on campus which includes:

  • A salad bar that features almost 10 vegan and vegetarian options at the residence cafeteria.
  • We Grill located in the Food Emporium offers the Lightlife Burger and a vegan burger.
  • Our Chef Inspired table always offers vegan or vegetarian options.
  • Quesada, Pizza Pizza and Teriyaki all have vegetarian options.
  • On The Go (OTG) salads and sandwiches offer a selection of vegetarian options.
  • GH Cafe offer similar options.
  • SPOT features one vegan and one vegetarian option every day.