Guelph-Humber’s kinesiology society, stylized as KinSoc, held their second GH Games on March 26 in Humber College’s gymnasium.

Sophie Pham, a second-year kinesiology student and vice president of social media for KinSoc, was co-hosting the event. “There were obstacles courses, volley-pong, life-sized Jenga, and kind of Minute to Win It-style games,” she said.

“The biggest thing that always happens is the huge dodgeball tournament at the end of the night. In previous years, it has always been the kinesiology program that wins,” Pham added.

Attendees were asked to register in teams of four through a Survey Monkey link. Pham said that you can register with anyone you want, but usually people tend to stick within their own program.

At the end of the event, first, second and third-place teams all won Cineplex gift cards and received a certificate from the KinSoc society.

The GH Games started in 2016 by Guelph-Humber alum Malik, who is now a strength and performance coach at SportSide Medical. “Initially, the event was to connect all other programs through a fun little event where everyone is loosening-up with each other and playing games. We’re having a friendly competition between each program in a sense and the GH Games kind of creates a nice, friendly environment to play games with each other,” said Pham

Parvish Gill, a fourth-year kinesiology student and general member of KinSoc, sees the GH Games as a de-stressor. “When we had the GH Games, which was on March 26, we were heading towards the end of the semester, exams about to start, a lot of people had assignments due and exams to study for. A lot of people were wrapping things up in the semester so I feel like it was great to just forget about everything for a few hours, come out, play a game of dodgeball and meet people from different programs.”

The overall turnout reflected that. Gill said the KinSoc society was pleasantly surprised by the turnout, “especially for being on a Tuesday evening at a commuter school.”

The last time the GH Games were held, they were welcomed with a big turnout. That was back in November 2016. Gill said the society put the GH Games on hiatus for the 2017-18 school year and resumed them last month.

Looking to the future, Gill would like to see a different set of games and activities, although assuring that “dodgeball is definitely going to stay a constant. It’s a fan-favourite.”

She would also like to see the society explore the idea of holding two GH Games throughout the year; one per semester.

“We definitely want to encourage more people from other years and programs to come out and participate, because yes, we have a lot of people from different programs already, but it will always be outnumbered by the amount of kinesiology students. We would definitely like to see a lot more first-years come out as well.”

The GH Games isn’t the only event that KinSoc is responsible for. Throughout the year, the team puts on a number of other initiatives.

“We’ve done mood walks in the past which is a really good initiative for mental health,” said Pham. “We’ve also had ‘Kin Talks,’ where we invite speakers from different professions to talk about what they do. It provides a really good opportunity for students to know what type of career opportunities are available within the kinesiology program.”

Gill said that the GH Games overall act as a great mingling event and allows attendees to learn more about the KinSoc society.