While post-secondary students are taught theory and given hands on experience in the classroom, learning to follow your passion is not covered in any syllabus.

Business students at the University of Guelph-Humber organized an art exhibit in the gallery located on campus, to inspire and motivate students.

On Oct. 6, artist Marianne Morris displayed her exhibit, Uma Noite de Arte, a collection of abstract paintings held by Vanessa Lyn and her team of five other event management students. 

A painted canvas sitting on a shelf in an art gallery.

One of Marianne Morris’s pieces at her exhibit Uma Noite de Arte at the University of Guelph-Humber. Photo courtesy of Lesia Kostiw.

“People need beauty in their lives.” says the abstract painter. “I still work a day job at a corporate packaging company, but it isn’t my life anymore, and I am much happier.” Morris explains. Even as a student it is important to support yourself financially but Morris also stresses that focusing on what speaks to your soul is even more crucial.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Arts, Morris says she got a job as a graphic artist moving her way up to bigger places and more hours thinking she would continue to create in her spare time. It was not until she had to cut back hours to take care of her son that she realized how absorbed into the corporate life she was.

As the students in the event management course bring passion and inspiration to GH by showcasing different artists throughout the year, Morris’s perspective sheds light on the turmoil of knowing when to follow what you have been taught or branch off into doing what you love. “A 40 hour work week is really, really long if you are doing something you hate,” she says, something post-secondary students should keep in mind.

Between assignments, midterms and exams balancing what you want to do and need to do for your future can be overwhelming. Coming from a creator who also juggles a career, she reminds us students that “you will get to your goal eventually if you just keep moving.”

Two painted canvases on either side of a vase of flowers sitting atop a shelf.

Two of Marianne Morris’s paintings displayed in University of Guelph-Humber’s art gallery. Photo courtesy of Lesia Kostiw.

She advises students to not get stuck on one thing or one job. She says it is key not to let yourself get stale, keep moving, learning and reaching your goals. Learn to market yourself to find a job that you enjoy doing but always make time to do what makes you happy, quality of life matters more than working days on end.

To learn more about Marianne Morris and her artwork visit http://mariannemorrisart.com/

For inquiries about this event and future events contact Vanessa Lyn at vlyn01@guelphhumber.ca