In need of a show filled with drama, scandals and romance to take your mind off of your school stresses, then Bridgerton is for you.This romantic, scandalous romp through the Renaissance period was released on Netflix December 25, 2020 and since then has been listed on Canada’s top 10 must watch list at number two.  Bridgerton is about young men and women trying to find their mate so they can take their place in society. While these young men and women are trying to find love they seem to be distracted by a secret writer named Lady Whistledown narrated by the very famous Julie Andrews who unfolds all their scandalous secrets. 

Not only, is this show very entertaining but it also has a very diverse cast as many of the main characters are men and women of colour and and the show also represents the LGBTQIA2S+  community which makes  the show appeal to many different audiences.

This show has gotten a lot of positive reviews and a poll found 90 per cent of voters enjoyed the show. 

The Poll also revealed that women weren’t the only ones watching the show men love it to.  Audiences were also asked who their favourite characters were and it was no surprise, that everyone especially it’s lady viewers were captivated and fell in love with the very good-looking Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings played by Regé-Jean Page. Viewers weren’t the only ones to fall for him. Many of the women in the series did too, but all to no available. The duke, you see, when returning to London from his travels had no intention of looking for a mate. He has vowed to his father the Hastings bloodline would end at him but, when he meets Daphne Bridgerton what he had vowed to his father started to fade away. Another fan favourite was, Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor who is another main characters of the show who is searching for love and finally makes her match with the Duke of Hastings which brought much scandal to the streets of London. Finally,  the next favourite character is Eloise Bridgerton played by Claudia Jessie who is Daphne’s younger sister.  Most rooted for Eloise as she is the one rebel of the show. Her dream is not to follow the rules of society and marry.  Eloise’s dreams are to become a writer, which is something rare in the Renaissance era which taught women to marry, bare children and take care of the household, something Eloise eschews. In the show her one mission is to figure out who is Lady Whistledown as she is her idol and envies her.

A student from the Humber collage name Tina Trieu says that she is Bridgerton’s super fan.  Trieu said, “I’ve rewatched the show multiple times and it has taken over my life, the fashion, the British accents, the character’s especially the Duke of Hastings and even the dirty scenes, everything about this show made me obsessed with it. What an amazing show I can’t wait for season two.” 

Trieu also expressed how she loves that the show had women with different body types and how the show had a very diverse cast.  Trieu also stated that the shows vintage look has inspired her to make some changes to her own style. 

Indeed, the show is setting style trends and memes on TikTok and other social media platforms. Some include people re-enacting some scenes from the show and creating modern day outfits that have been inspired by the Renaissance theme.  As noted by Trieu Bridgerton’s super fan who has seen many TikTok’s where people are recreating their average day corset into a Bridgerton inspired vintage looks.

Season One of Bridgerton has created a whole new fan base and hopefully since the recent announcement of Season Two, that this new season will continue to hold the interests of the fans and the same roaring reviews as the first season did.