Between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. on weekdays, (which Peter Ivkovic, Humber’s parking and traffic coordinator says is now considered parking rush hour), parking shortages at Humber are at their peak, said Ivkovic. Humber security guards are assigned to various parking lots to maintain that they do not become overcrowded, so when parking lots become full, security guards are responsible for ensuring that students don’t disrupt already congested parking lots and direct students to park elsewhere, he said.

“There is pressure placed on the security guards. Often, we will see students block traffic lanes trying to gain entry into a full lot (waiting for someone to eventually exit). This only creates frustration for everyone else trying to use the lane to travel”, said Rob Kilfoyle, Humber’s director of public safety and emergency management.

Students circle on-campus driveways until someone leaves a parking lot, and that’s when students overwhelm security guards, said Ivkovic. “There have been cases where security guards have been harassed by students. Last year we had one case, where we had to issue a trespassing notice to a student, and then this year, the guards and myself were involved, where we had a person who came and started to insult us,” said Ivkovic. “Security guards are very much pressured by students, obviously students need to go to class on time, but we cannot predict how many students will come by car each day,” said Ivkovic.  “I am aware of several incidents where students or visitors to the campus have been quite abusive towards the security guards.  Calling them names, using racist and foul language and/or shouting at them”, said Kilfoyle.

“Students who refuse to move their cars from college roadways or parking lot entrances will be ticketed accordingly by parking enforcement”, said James Irvine, manager of transportation and parking for Humber College

“I believe that we are obliged to provide as much parking as we can. There is no such thing as unlimited parking in any institution,” said Ivkovic. He said Humber’s parking garage cost Humber College $27 million, not including Queens Plate parking, Woodbine Mall or shuttles. Ivkovic said approximately 19,000 students attend Humber’s North Campus. According to Irvine, Humber College’s new 1,000-stall parkade is scheduled to open in May 2018.